Your Wedding Timeline and Shot List

There are so many ways to structure your wedding day. I am always happy to offer input and help with the timing of things - but truly, this is YOUR day, not mine, and whatever makes you happy  is what we will do! Don't want to see each other at all before the ceremony? Wonderful! Have a meaningful father-daughter first look planned? Great, let's do it! Have your heart set on a few pictures at sunset? I love it! 

A few weeks before your wedding day I will send you a questionnaire to fill out with all the details and times for the different parts of your wedding day, as well as all the shots you are hoping to get. Most of the couples I work with find this helpful in planning their weddings.         

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Below is a sample timeline for an eight-hour wedding. But there are so many ways to re-arrange the day, depending on the number of hours of coverage you've booked. If getting-ready photos aren't your thing, we can do just a few detail shots as you put on the final touches. If you want to do your first dance right after your grand entrance, that's a great way to insure I don't miss it. 


1:00 - Photographer arrives, getting ready shots and details

2:00 - First look (if applicable) and couple portraits

2:30 - Wedding party and family pictures

3:30 - More details while the wedding couple retreats for quiet and privacy before the ceremony, guests arriving

4:00 - Ceremony

5:00 - Cocktail hour,  guests seated, grand entrance

6:00 - Dinner is served + parent toasts, wedding party toasts, and wedding couple thank you

7:30 - Cake cutting

7:45 - Bride and groom sneak out for a few photos at sunset

8:15 - First dance, parent dances, then everyone dances

9:00 - Photos done

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The wedding questionnaire I send to you will also have plenty of room for you to list your must-have shots. Important guests, family and friend groupings, fun angles, details, or locations you've been dreaming of... I always do my very best to get those things for you! 

It's also helpful to designate a member of your wedding party - someone who knows everybody - to help round up people for pictures and to make sure nobody's missing. A wedding planner is also a supportive presence, if you've hired one.

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For example, tell me if there's a special relative (grandma!) you'd like featured in your images, a meaningful musical performance, or an important detail like a wedding hanky, or a decoration made by an honored friend. Some couples like to exchange letters or gifts, or give them to parents and attendants, before the ceremony. I try hard to be in as many places at once, but it's always nice to know these things ahead of time, so I can be ready.

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Advance planning always helps the wedding day go smoothly... but there are always going to be those little surprises that make your event unique and extra joyful. And no matter what, we'll all roll with it together!

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