What Is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle newborn sessions are really growing in popularity right now. And I love them.  I love photographing a new baby in his or her own home.  I believe the best "prop" for a newborn is a set of loving arms, or a comfy bed in your home. I love the simple, and the natural; if you do, too, we'll be a great fit!

So, what exactly are lifestyle newborn sessions?

Lifestyle newborn photography is family-centered.  It is natural, and true-to-life.  It is relaxed.  I shoot these sessions in your home, usually, without outside props or much posing of the baby.   In a lifestyle newborn session I strive to capture the way your life really looks with a new baby, showing genuine connection and love.

My clients tell me they love how simple and informal these sessions are, and they love the little details and special moments that we are able to capture and preserve.  We don't have to worry if baby isn't sound asleep the whole time.  We can capture anything you want, any way that you want.

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With most "posed" newborn sessions, the window of opportunity is relatively short.  It's much easier to pose a newborn that is under two weeks old. With lifestyle, though, that's not an issue, and I am comfortable working with babies up to a few months old for a newborn session.   Younger newborns might be sleepier and curlier... while older babies might give us a few smiles!  So the time frame is up to you, and it's somewhat flexible.

When I shoot lifestyle newborn sessions, I usually use the parents' bed, main living areas, the nursery, sometimes the kitchen... wherever the light is best.   You don't have to live in a magazine-worthy home!   You need to have some cleared-up spaces, some windows, and a family that's ready to snuggle.  That's it.

We can capture feeding time, changing time, bath time... any special moment.

Another huge benefit to lifestyle newborn sessions is that it's often easier to get sibling shots.  Siblings are often happier and more relaxed at home, and there's not much pressure to perform.

To view my lifestyle newborn portfolio, click here.

For more information on my lifestyle newborn sessions, click here.  

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