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Ten Ideas for Your Family Photos

It's not a secret that I love doing family photo sessions in nature, in parks, in fields, in the studio, downtown... My clients do, too!  Some of my long-term clients who come to see me year after year like to do something different each time, and I think that's really neat.  It's fun for me, too, to be creative, and to make sure we show many sides of you and your family.  You doing interesting things.  You in interesting places.  Something special and unique.

So here are ten new ideas for your family photo shoot.

1) In your home

Why not have a lifestyle session at your house?  We can set up an activity, or I can just be a fly on the wall, capturing you being you.

2) With your pets

I always LOVE when people bring their pets!  Pets are part of the family, so why not include them?

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3) Reading books

Reading books with a little one always makes for such sweet images.

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4) At the farm

Do you have a farm?  No, me neither.  OK, well SOME of you do, because I've been invited there to take pictures!  And many more of you know someone with a farm, or get to spend time at a friend's or family member's farm.  If there's a special farm in your life, have pictures done there!

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5) In the winter

I've already done a whole article on why you should schedule your photo shoot in the winter so go read that.  I'll wait.  

(The jist: winter photo shoots are so pretty and unexpected.)

6) Picking fruit.

I've always wanted to do a session in June in a pick-your-own strawberry field.  Can you imagine how beautiful and fun that would be?  I've been to the orchard, of course, but there are so many other places to go, too.

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7) Eating ice cream (or watermelon, or anything fun to eat)

Why not finish your photo shoot with a fun (and photogenic) snack?

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8) At the beach or the lake

There are so many things we can do there, from sunset silhouettes to reflections to dangling feet off the dock...

9) Taking a nature walk

This is a great way to keep little kids moving and entertained, and if you love taking walks as a family, it's a really special thing to capture in your family photos.  Minnesota has so many nature trails!

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10) At the Christmas tree lot, greenhouse or farm market

For a seasonal look (and as long as we get permission beforehand!).

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