Studio, Outdoor... or Both?

Planning your family or senior photo shoot is so much fun.  One of the first decisions we're going to make is... where are we doing your pictures?  What look do you want?  Do you like the studio, or do you prefer the look of the outdoors?  A field?  A lake?  An urban spot?  Or... do you want ALL of these things?  

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When I was looking for a photography studio space in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, it was really important to me that my studio be in a location where beautiful outdoor photos would be an easy option.   Many of the people with whom I work, especially seniors and headshot clients, love to do both studio and outdoor images in a single session.  My Chaska, MN studio has SO many outdoor spots nearby, and I'm so grateful for that - there are a few fields, woods, a river, a lake, cute historic brick buildings, and more.


I know lots of beautiful locations for portrait photography in Minneapolis and  St. Paul.  I am always happy to work with you to select the most perfect location for you.  Many of my clients choose the studio, though, because of the variety we are able to get there.  I do almost all my senior and headshot photo shoots there, but many family  sessions, too.

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I've worked really hard to find interesting photography locations  within walking distance of my studio, and to note what they look like at different times of the year.  In fact, I'm still finding new ones!  These are all sessions that I've done at or right near my Chaska portrait studio.

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