Should I Have a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist?

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A lot of my high school senior, family and headshot clients, when preparing for their sessions, wonder if they should have me book a professional hair and makeup artist for them.  It's often a really great idea.  

Did you know that a lot of my male headshot clients have these services, too?  Really!  A lot of people are surprised to know that it's more than just lipstick and eyeliner and false eyelashes.  It's something for moms, daughters, professionals, for girls, for guys... anyone who wants it.  

The cost for hair and makeup is $235 + tip, and it's worth it.  I've never had a client say, "Gee, I sure wish I hadn't had that done!"  Everyone has loved it.  

Here is what a professional stylist does at your session, and why I often encourage people to have this additional service at their session.  

1) I will book her for you and she will come right to your session.  

You won't have to schedule anything; you can leave that to me.  She'll meet us right at the studio and we'll use the space to get ready.  It's a really fun first step to your whole photo experience, and an extra layer of pampering.  She will consult with you to create your look, and most of the time she's told you ahead of time what's going to happen.  She will stay during your session to assist with all the details and to make sure you love how you look.

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2) She is a licensed professional.

A lot of people know how to do a good job on their makeup.  But, the licensed, professional makeup artists that I hire for you are specialists in creating looks specifically for the camera.  They use airbrush foundation which is lightly sprayed directly onto your skin for a smooth, flawless look.  They know what kinds of products will look best in photographic images and in studio lights - and which things won't.  They know what colors will be most flattering to your skin tones, eye color, and hair.  

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3) She can do anything you want.  

Most of my senior girls are looking for something fresh and lovely and more natural.  A lot of my classical musician clients want some glamour.  My business headshot clients are looking for professional polish.  She can suggest eye, lip and outfit colors, updos, or other hairstyles for you.  If you would like lashes, she'll usually add them individually so they look naturally beautiful.  

Don't worry; you will still look like you.  You, on a really good day.  

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4) She can work with men.

For the guys, she'll trim sideburns, groom your neck and other facial hair, groom eyebrows, remove lint from clothing, straighten your tie, and airbrush your skin.  She will make sure all the details are perfect and camera-ready.

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5) She can fill in your brows and lashes.  Your skin will glow.  Less retouching will need to be done later.

I am one of those people who have... let's say... "sparse" eyebrows and eyelashes.  When I had my hair and makeup done for my own headshots, I couldn't believe the difference, having those enhanced in a lovely, natural way.  And the airbrush foundation was amazing.  It was nice to know that very little extra retouching was necessary after the images were shot.

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6) She can add a look partway through.

If there's time (and usually for an extra charge), we can add a second look with your hair: an updo, a side bun, more curls...  Usually we can do a quick lip color change or add a little more of something (no charge) when the mood and the outfit calls for it.  She'll always make sure that things stay perfect throughout your shoot!

I hope I was able to answer your questions about professional hair and makeup at your headshot, family, or senior photo shoot.  If you have any more concerns or questions, though, please ask me!  I am always happy to help you decide if this service would be right for you.

To ask a question or schedule your session, click the "contact" link above and send me a message.  I'll reply promptly with an answer.

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