Digital or Print?

This is what many people call “the digital age.” Nearly everything is digital, including photography. What does that mean for you, the client? I’m glad you asked! Let me explain the difference between physical products and digital products. It can be hard to decide what you need!

So, what are digital files, and why would I want them?

The digital files that I sell are the full-resolution, digital “negatives” for your images. You can make unlimited prints of these at any size, or post them online, and you can share them with family and friends. One digital file is one picture in digital form. I sell them in singles, or packages of five, ten or all images from your gallery.

There are many reasons people choose to buy digital files. Many of my clients like to have them to keep forever - for archiving purposes. They like to make multiple prints for family members. Headshot clients need them for websites and publicity.

When you buy digital files (and you can do that directly from the shopping cart in your proofing gallery), as soon as your payment goes through you will be emailed a download link, and your digital files will be yours forever! I send you a print release form, with information about the files and giving you permission to print and use them. 

When I sell digital files to my clients, I always make a recommendation for a great place to have the images printed. Please don’t print your digital files at Walmart or Target! The print lab I recommend will match my calibrated monitor, and give you the beautiful color and quality that I worked so hard to create for you - Walmart will not. I will cry if you print your pictures at Walmart.

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Tell me about products!

I absolutely LOVE the products that I sell, and I’ve worked really hard to source the best quality and loveliest print products available. I’m always looking for new things that my clients might like. The nice thing about having me create these physical, tangible things for you is that I can - and will - control the quality of them. If a product comes back to me and I’m not happy with the color or print quality, I will re-do it until it is perfect for you. I can design albums and storyboard collages with graphic design software. I will optimize each image for the type of print I am making for you.

Also, many of the things that I offer are exclusive to professional photographers, and aren’t available to the general public.

Currently I sell:

traditional prints in any size from 5x7 on up, mounted at 11x14 and larger

hahnemühle fine art prints

beautiful, sturdy, layflat custom-designed albums

framed prints in varying styles

wood gallery mounts in black or white

bamboo standout mounts

gallery-wrapped canvas

lagniappe canvas

graduation announcements

holiday cards

If there is a product that you are looking for, and it isn’t on this list, I can usually have it made for you. I’ve done it many times!

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Should I buy digital, print, or both?

You should buy what best meets your needs and makes you happiest. Many of my clients buy a mix of both! Some buy only digital, and some buy only print. I will say, honestly, that digital gets more popular every year. But I want you to have what you love, and I’ll help you get it.

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