2019-March-19 - LeslieCranePhotography


MARCH 19, 2019

This is Sara.  She is a clinical psychologist, and the most lovely person.  She needed some updated headshots for her website, and we had the most wonderful afternoon doing these for her!  Doesn't she look amazing?  

What I love most about doing headshot sessions is getting to know the person with whom I'm working.  Sara was so wonderful to work with, she made my job easy and fun, and I think these images really reflect the lovely , elegant, approachable person she is.  Beautiful inside and out.

hair and makeup: Amber Budd Atelier

Thank you for looking!  To get in touch with me about a session of your own, click the "contact" link above. If you like my work, like me on facebook, or follow me on instagram.

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