APRIL 27, 2019

Lydia. Oh my goodness this girl is lovely, so fun, and full of life. We had THE most perfect day  for her senior photo shoot. I have a zillion favorites, which I have tried to narrow down for this blog post.  But know that it was painful to do so.  This girl cannot take a bad picture!

Lydia is as talented as she is beautiful.  She has an amazing eye for design and fashion, she's a fabulous violinist, she's an actress and a singer... and more.  She has an unbounded enthusiasm for the things that she loves, and it's contagious.  What a gift!  It's such fun to be around her.

I really love and enjoy the seniors I get to work with each year - they are such unique, strong, intelligent, talented individuals and they give me such hope for our future.  

Thank you for looking! To get in touch with me about a session of your own, click the "contact" link above.  Class of 2019 seniors in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, it's not too late to get your senior pictures done!  And Class of 2020 seniors, I'm starting to book up for summer sessions, and into the fall, so now is a great time to schedule yours.  I can't wait to meet and work with more amazing people this season

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